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Stainless Steel and Chrome Protection

EnduroShield will leave your surfaces looking clean and fresh all day everyday
  • 10 Yr Warranty On Glass

  • Cuts Cleaning By Upto 90%

  • Glass, Stainless Steel & Tiles

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Stainless Steel Cleaning

EnduroShield™ for Stainless Steel and chrome is a non-stick protective coating that seals the surface, making cleaning and maintenance easier. EnduroShield™ is completely invisible and does not change or alter the appearance of the surface. EnduroShield™ provides both hydrophobic and oleophobic protection, reducing both corrosion and tea staining that often forms in coastal environments. Many acidic cleaners that are used to treat corrosion that develops on stainless steel can accelerate and increase the return rate. EnduroShield™ will eliminate the need to use those cleaners, and will dramatically slow the corrosion process.


  • Works on new or existing stainless steel or chrome surfaces
  • Creates a protective barrier that makes cleaning and maintenance easier and quicker
  • Assists in reducing both corrosion and tea staining
  • Limiting the need for harsh chemicals, and faster cleaning time results in greatly reduced maintenance costs
  • Fingerprints are easier to remove


  • Stainless Steel Balustrades and Fixtures
  • Stainless Steel Facades
  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Surfaces and Appliances
  • Stainless Steel Tiles
  • Feature and Support Poles
  • Art Displays/Sculptures


EnduroShield™ can be applied in factory to the stainless steel before installation or in situ by professional applicators. The product is a clear liquid that is sprayed and polished into the stainless steel creating a long lasting bond.



To make it easy to specify EnduroShield™ for your next project, a two page specification on each product is available to download at:

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